Jace Clayton // The Julius Eastman Memory Depot (CD)

Jace Clayton // The Julius Eastman Memory Depot (CD)

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Using Eastman's compositions Evil Nigger and Gay Guerrilla as jumping off points, Jace Clayton—also known as DJ /rupture—explores electronic textures which both modify and are generated by the pianos performing the pieces. The treatment activates the listening experience, making performer from a passive participant, and re-imagining the imperfections of memory as generative technique. These explorations are followed by an original piece, Callback from the American Society of Eastman Supporters, which incorporates the language of corporate America, Sufi vocal performance, and Eastman inspired piano performance, forming a commentary on the immortality of the precariousness of work, a struggle which, quite literally, has killed artists such as Eastman. 

Track Listing:
1. Evil Nigger Part I
2. Evil Nigger Part II
3. Evil Nigger Part III
4. Evil Nigger Part IV
5. Gay Guerrilla Part I
6. Gay Guerrilla Part II
7. Gay Guerrilla Part III
8. Gay Guerrilla Part IV
9. Gay Guerrilla Part V
10. Callback from the American Society of Eastman Supporters

Released 2013 by New Amsterdam Records

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